The Modern Rules for Live Music Video that Get Bands Booked

live music video

Unless you’ve been completely unplugged with no access to media, you already know Austin is the live music capital of the world. Which makes Austin one of the coolest places to live. It also means musicians have to work hard to stand out from the crowd and get gigs. They need to know the modern rules for live music video that generate more social media views, more engagement and more bookings.

Musicians have incredible talent. But with so many artists vying for attention, knowing how to get people to notice their talent can be a challenge. Effective marketing requires an entirely different skill set. Many musicians know that video is one of the most compelling media. But all live music video is not created equal.

An iPhone video from a live concert does not convey the excitement, sound and quality of a performance, no matter how well-intended the audience member is. High qualify live music video can put the viewer right in the audience to feel how exilerating the performance is.

The qualify of video needs to match the quality of the artist’s talent or the video will fail to do its job. Crafted well, live music video allows new fans to see the artist’s talent and feel the excitement of the live show. It also dramatically increases the engagement of Facebook viewers. D-Soul Davis went from 30 views with iPhone videos and NO shares to over 6,000 views and 7 shares on Facebook with high quality live music video in a matter of only 2 weeks. Click to see the video here

The best way to showcase an artist’s talent in this talent rich area of Austin, Texas is live music video. With so many bands and performers fighting for the spotlight, video of live performances gives artists a real competitive advantage.

Live video music rocks and can work for your band!