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Professional video for your company. What could be better than that?

Here’s why your business needs professional video. You put all you time and money into your business, maybe even ringing up debt to grow your business. Perhaps you’ve taken a mortgage out on your house and yet, you don’t have not enough customers. Sound familiar? Scary isn’t it? How do you get people to ask for your services or product?…

drone videography, Shot in ultra high definition from his drone, wedding videographer, Coleman Jennings creates stunning wedding films for Texas hill country weddings

Drone Videographer – What you need to know to use your drone safely now

Got a drone for Christmas?  Wow, I bet you are excited!  I sure was happy when I bought my first drone back in 2012. I remember unwrapping it on Christmas Day and wanting to rush out the door to fly it. Way back then, drone flying was the wild west and the FAA rules were unclear. And if you’re planning…