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Coleman Jennings Videographer Photographer
Coleman Jennings Wedding, Event and Drone Videographer & Photographer in Central Texas Since 2000

“The video is wonderfully done. It makes me cry every time I see it.”  – Pat

I film weddings and events in the Austin, Texas area, using drone footage and the latest cinematic style to capture the love and excitement of the day, so that my clients can relive that amazing flood of emotions over and over again. As a certified drone pilot, I’ve earned my remote pilot certificate from the FAA and am licensed to fly drones commercially.

A wedding video captures the beginning of new lives, where families are joined together to create new families. Filming weddings creates a way for families to hold on to that incredibly happy moment and be able to relive it for generations to come. I feel honored when brides and their families trust me to capture their amazing experiences on film. I love seeing the look of anticipation on the face of the father of the bride while he’s waiting for her to appear. Filming the groom’s face when he sees his beautiful bride for the first time is priceless.

How I Got Started

I have loved capturing images since I was a child. I still treasure the black and white Polaroid photo I took as a child from my family’s apartment in NYC. Our flat was tiny, but I loved gazing out the window at the view of the city skyline and twin towers of the World Trade Center.

Video captivated me when my children were born. I couldn’t get enough footage of my boys as they grew from babies into young men. Watching the videos of me playing with my kids takes me right back to when they were little and wanted me to sit on the floor and play with them.


I began my profession of recording special occasions on film 15 years ago and have filmed over 400 events since then. The Austin area is fortunate to have many beautiful venues for weddings and special events. I’ve captured video and/or stills at most of them and have good relationships with many of the planners and coordinators in the area.

The level of trust that I’ve earned from brides, other clients, and event professionals translates to a more enjoyable and smooth experience for everyone. I know how to get the shots my clients want while working well with the other vendors, so my clients can focus on enjoying themselves during the event.

Events Coleman Jennings Films

• Birthdays
• Anniversaries
• Graduations
• Weddings
• Family reunions
• Bar/bat mitzvahs
• Retirement parties
• Celebrations of Life
• Special Events

My heart is warmed when clients share with me that they treasure the film I created because I captured images of a grandparent or dear friend who later moved across the world or passed away. They are so grateful to have photos and videos of those loved ones that they can always view and enjoy feeling like that person is right there with them.

Drone Aerial Photography and Videography

When drone technology hit the scene in 2014, I was one of the first professionals to incorporate aerial video into my films. Drone footage captures a view of the event that most of us never see and that film is stunning. The bird’s eye view of a wedding or special party can take your breath away. I’m still surprised sometimes by how beautiful and dramatic drone video and photography can be.


Hearing a bride and groom say, “We fell in love all over again” when they watched the wedding video I created for them, is the highest praise I can earn.

A surprising bonus I often hear from brides, is that the video captured moments they missed at their wedding. Brides plan for months, maybe years and then the big day comes and it seems to fly by. One bride had no idea that her younger brother danced with her new husband’s grandmother and that the guests enjoyed that sweet and loving gesture so much, that they clapped, smiled and even shed a few tears of joy.

I enjoy capturing all the touching moments on film so my clients can savor the experience and discover new moments to love about their special occasion later. Often, couples will tell me they were so happy to relive their special day that they cried when they watched the wedding video.

If you are planning an event and want to relax and savor the moment, knowing that a professional is capturing it all on film for you to relive and enjoy later, email or call me to find out if I’m the right professional to film the occasion for you.

 Call or text Coleman Jennings at 512-695-5259 or email at ColemanJennings4@gmail.com

 “We just wanted to send a quick thank you for filming our special day!  We absolutely loved the video and I’ve watched it over and over again. Thanks so much!”  – Glenn and Aislynn


Coleman Jennings, Winner Wedding Wire Couples' Choice Award Winner 2015
Coleman Jennings Winner of the Wedding Wire Couples’ Choice Award 2015 for videograhphy